Ice, Ice, Baby

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The mercury is rising and that familiar sweaty, squinty, sticky look that is reserved for the summer months is back with a vengeance. There are lots of ways to keep cool this summer, Europeans for example like to wear no clothes, but for the less adventurous it’s the perfect time to indulge you and your family in some ice cool goodness and I am not talking beer flavoured slurpees. Without further ado here are three fantastic recipes that I often turn to for instant relief on those hot days. They are all very easy to make, child friendly and cheap -win, win, win! Due to the amount of sucking, slurping and licking of fingers that these recipes will require I am going to ask that you read them in the style of that sultry temptress or pain in the arse, you decide, Nigella Lawson.

Banana Choc Thick Shake

Three ingredients is all you need for this one folks! 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, 1 frozen banana and 350 mls of milk. I discovered this recipe when I had a glut of bananas that were more brown than yellow. I peeled them, broke them into pieces and stored them in a bag in the freezer, I think I was just hiding them to be honest. I blitzed one up in a blender with some milk and I was transported to American diner thick shake heaven! There must be something scientific going on and I can’t actually be bothered to check what it might be BUT the freezing process makes the shake very thick and very creamy. As a self confessed Chocaholic I naturally add cocoa powder and it pays off in a big way. I sometimes tweak it with a little cinnamon or honey but its all about the freezing! Add a straw and suck like you know Nigella would. Max often has it for desert and its my go to breakfast on the go.

Mint and Lemon Iced Tea
After getting sucked into Melbourne’s coffee habit I have been dabbling in a bit of tea of late and very nice it is too. Tea and sweat don’t go we’ll together though so I came up with this recipe to cool the whole situation down and Max loves it! Brew some mint tea (enough for a jug), add fresh mint if you have any kicking around, add a chopped lemon and honey to taste  - I like to get a real hit of citrus in mine. Leave the whole concoction to get to know each other and then strain it into glasses, add enough ice to give you brain freeze and slurp like Nigella. If your little’un is having trouble sleeping whack some camomile tea in their too, put it in their pre-bed bottle and bam! Other worthy ingredients include, orange, apple juice and ginger.
Fruit Icy Pole
Nothing particularly novel about this one, but again it’s quick, cheap and healthy so it’s worthy of a shout. If I have time I like to go to the market and stock up on juicy fruit but alternatively you can just buy a good juice and that works just aswell. Flavour combos I keep coming back to are apple, mint and ginger or pear, apple and lime. But its all down to what works for you and yours and having a little bit of experimentation with the kids, before you know it your engaged in wholesome Nigella-like bonding with your children, I’m sure she’s not like that off camera! Pour the juice into the moulds (you can pick them up in £2 Shops or cooking stores if your rich) and place in the freezer. Don’t fall into the trap of watering them down, more science at play here, it seems to crystalize the lollies and they become brittle. Max loses his shit now when I go anywhere near the freezer. 
There you have it folks three easy peasy recipes guaranteed to put the chill in your children this summer.
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  • Grace

    Great ideas! Definitely like the idea of iced lemon and mint tea…yum! I’m always up for a citrus hit too! Thanks for sharing.

    • daddownunder

      Seriously Grace try the banana one, sounds so simple but it is soooo good. Thanks for the comment

  • Lisa

    I need a blender and then that banana smoothie goodness will be all mine, succulent! ;)

    • daddownunder

      Put it down on your Christmas wish list Lisa : )

  • Krystle_Sky

    I saw a similar recipe on pinterest for the frozen banana gig. Definitely have to try it this week. My poor blender might not be able to keep up though!

    • daddownunder

      There’s no turning back once you try it. Thanks for all your comments too, they are always good to get

  • Julie

    Our personal favourites are:

    For reasons unknown even to us we call this the summer sling
    2 cups pine/orange golden circle juice )can you fresh fruit if you have it)
    1 cup ginger ale
    2 cups of ice

    This one is call ed baby juice as this is all I could drink/eat/not vomit up when I was pregnant last year

    dash of ginger
    and heaps of ice

    Throw it in the blender and yummy quick home made slurpees.

    • daddownunder

      Thanks Julie, in future though you are prohibited from adding recipes that sound better than my own ones ; )

  • theveggiemama

    ok I’m totally doing something wrong. Every time I make iced tea with mint and lemon it tastes like toothpaste. This is not delicious :(

    • daddownunder

      Try adding the lemon juice and the mint at the end of the brewing process so it’s all a bit fresher, but not toothpaste fresh

  • thecontenthousewives

    These sound so good!!! I just cut up bananas and put them in the freezer. Cant wait to try it. My boy will love it! Now to get some mint tea, that one also sounds very refreshing. Think these will become a bit of a staple here! Love how simple they are too.

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  • Becci

    I’m sooo with you on the frozen banana thing – we gave it to Miss M when she was really young and teething and it was so yummy!

    • daddownunder

      I bet Miss M did’t get a look in did she Becci?

  • Alicia – One Mother Hen

    I like the idea of mint and lemon tea, will give that a go soon :)

    • daddownunder

      Its a great summer drink Alicia and at least you know whats in it.