Dear Santy Poo’s, I would like……………….

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I’m afraid I fall into the rather grumpy category of Christmas Scrooge, Bah Humbug is a little too tame for me I tend to opt for something altogether more sweary. Don’t get me wrong I remember a time when it was magical, when Santa was more than a slightly sinister old man, I even used to leave him a glass of whisky (good old Dad). Now that Max is on the scene I know I have to rekindle that magic just for him, so rather than flick Illiterate Infant’s offer to divulge my Christmas Wish List straight into Trash, I’m in and here it is.
1 – I would like Mrs Under not to make little inverted commas with her fingers when she refers to my social media binges as ‘networking’.

2 – I designed and patented a product called the Baby Voice Distorter 3000 and I would like someone to actually make it for me. There was a little interest from a company in North Korea but it didn’t lead to anything. Essentially it’s a little collar that your baby wears around their neck (don’t worry it’s completely safe and you can accessorize with sequins or spikes) and whenever they cry the distorter changes the noise to an adorable little gag gag goo goo.

3 – I want a lie in. I walk around telling anyone who will listen how tired I am, “how are you?” they say “tired” I say. Seeing as this is a hypothetical fantasy of a list, I would like to be woken by glorious sunshine streaming in through the window rather than an inglorious bastard screaming at me through the walls. The other day I was so tired that I typed my ATM pin number into the microwave whilst heating Max’s milk, I realized at about 4 minutes.

4 – I would like a beard, not like your one Santa, that’s a little full on. It seems unfair that people can have breast implants and abdominal implants but not beard implants. I would be willing to part with $3000 for a good beard implant. Mostly I’d keep it as well maintained stubble but every now and then I would unleash it, just to keep everyone on their toes. I have it in me to grow a goatee beard but I don’t want it to be a direct comparison to a bovine creature.
5 – More than anything Santa, I would like for it to be true when I introduce myself to people as a writer. Don’t get me wrong I write, boy do I write, but to call myself a writer would suggest some form of income. I recently decided to throw my red marker pen in the bin, saying goodbye teaching and hello blogging. I have given myself a 6 month make it or break it deadline before I have to go back and get a real job. So Santa you have a big client base, I know this sounds a little needy, but could you spread the word far and wide? Much appreciated.

Until next year Sants, keep it Christmassy!

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  • EssentiallyJess

    Had to giggle at Mrs Under’s commas. Boatman stops short of that now. You just have to train them ;)

    • daddownunder

      Training is ongoing Jess ; )

  • Julie

    I would buy and or patent number 2 (if I had money and or a job) just so one day I could have number 3. I think everyone should follow you lead and write their Santa wish list. Nothing like putting it out in the universe to make things come true.

    • daddownunder

      Have you done yours Julie?

  • mumabulous

    A beard could probably be yours if you visited Advanced Hair – Yeh, Yeh. Sponsored post opportunity?

    • daddownunder

      I like your thinking Mumabulous, i’m off to run it by them ; )

  • SarahMac

    Oh yes! A sleep in would certainly be on my list. I’m so tired I was walking around for hours with two different shoes on. I know. Stylish.

    • daddownunder

      Rocking the two shoes look – go girl!

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  • evilgeniusmum

    Liking the Baby Voice Distorter 3000. And the flattery helps. Definitely deserves a response. And further discussion…

  • Max

    Heh, you want to check out Festivus ( :)
    Next year I am buying one of those Festivus poles!

    • daddownunder

      That’s more my cup of tea Max, not sure I’ll get it past the rest of the family though – outnumbered ; )

      • Max

        Good point. In that case please put me down for one Baby Voice Distorter 3000 (and one slightly bigger version that would fit, say, a 5ft 10″ person of slender build) so that when I suggest it next year I will be greeted with a cacophony of glorious baby gurgles and general noises of approval from “Mrs Max”.
        p.s. Merry Festivus!

  • Kirsten

    Number 3 sounds great! Im so tired, the phone rang yesterday and I grabbed the tv remote and held it up to my ear!! I then burst into fits of laughter and missed grabbing the actual phone in time :)

    • daddownunder

      Glad I’m not the only one Kirsyem ; )

  • SD

    I know beard implants exist. Saw them on the TV last week on the news in the US. And, I think it cost $3000, so there you go! You can have one of your wishes!