From Bedroom to Wet Room

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My favourite time of the week bar none is breakfast on Saturdays. After a week of doing our own things, work or park, the three of us are reunited and get to hang out and generally get excited about what the next couple of days might have in store for us.

Saturday mornings are also Anna’s chance to have some quality time with Max. This excuses me to pop out all by myself for coffees and newspapers, one of those rituals that used to be a chore in the old days but is now relished. I arrive home weighed down by breakfast goodies, caffeine and reading materials. Hopefully the sun is streaming in through the windows and there is something to set the mood on the I-pod, The Rolling Stones have a good Saturday morning feel to them I think.



Once we’re all settled there is a tussle for the weekend magazine, I’m a sucker for trawling though the magazine and ignoring the actual news.  A big pot of crayons and paper is plonked in front of Max in the hope that this will allow us enough time to get the caffeine from A to B without it getting cold.

I never really want these family breakfasts to end, they are the best bits of family life all condensed into a little 30 minute segment. Max is happy to have Mum around, Mum is happy to be around and I am happy to have them both and a coffee and some Mick and a magazine.


But this Saturday morning it all went spectacularly wrong. I was lying in bed, so far so good, watching the pretty shimmering light on the ceiling.  It looked a bit like the effect you get when light reflects on water, but of course that would be ridiculous, why would there be any water in our bedroom? Max, who had been enjoying an early morning wrestle, got up to get a book, “water Daddy, water”. No I’m fine thanks son, but very kind of you to offer. He doesn’t normally do that, what’s going on?

Our bathroom and bedroom had evolved into a giant paddling pool. Max made a beeline for his wellies and toy boats, completely oblivious to the world of pain that Mummy and Daddy were in. Turns out our washing machine had decided to call it a day and opted to go out in a big wet, leaky, blaze of glory.


A Saturday morning that should have been whiled away in lazy family fashion was instead spent mopping up copious amounts of water, swearing and shopping for new washing machines. If parenting has taught me anything it’s to roll with the punches and in between all the swearing I did find time to join Max and his toy boats for an impromptu cruise around the bedroom.

What is your favourite family time of the week? Do you have a spare washing machine I could have?

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  • KezUnprepared

    Haha you just described exactly why I enjoy weekend mornings too :)
    Of course, it wouldn’t be normal if something crazy and inconvenient didn’t interrupt us every now and then, would it??
    “Roll with the punches” is my parenting motto too!

    • daddownunder

      Exactly Kez, rough with the smooth, it had been a while since something broke so we were due one.

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    We used to go out for muffins on a Saturday morning – it was great. Then K grew up and got a job and then A landed up working away from home and somehow going out for a muffin for breakfast on a Saturday morning by myself isn’t so much fun anymore !!!
    Often when A is home we will have breakfast at Mustang Sally’s at Harbourtown – that is always good !!!
    White appliances that breakdown and cause lots of work are sucky !
    Hope next Saturday is better !

    • daddownunder

      I’m sure next Saturday will be a lot more relaxing, oh hang on I’m running a 10k in Sydney, maybe the weekend after that : ) I love the sound of muffins on my own, I cherish me time and maybe even crave it. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Mel Duker

    Enjoy the fact you don’t live in an apartment when an incidence like like this happens. Pre-child washing machine did a similar thing… 1st thing we knew was neighbour from downstairs alerting us to the issue.
    Saturday morning. Toddler & I enjoy hot breakky while Dad gets a sleep in. Then a kinda switch as Dad get toddler time and I get to take 1st World Dog off to agility training (via coffee shop for a Jumbo (skim) hot chocolate.

    • daddownunder

      Ouch, okay then so it wasn’t as bad as that, no neighbours involved thankfully.
      Sounds like a nice little trade off to me – jumbo hot chocolate Mel, I never knew there was anything above a large.

      • Mel Duker

        Great little place down the road does jumbo…. as a non-coffee drinker jumbo is my friend.

  • Lilybett and Boy

    Our machine carked it while I was in hospital, having just given birth to our son. First I heard of it was after my mum and Lovely Husband had been to the Good Guys and already installed it. They got the wrong size for our laundry and so it sits at a weird angle in the middle of the room. But I’m so glad it didn’t happen a month later when Mum had headed home and we were knee high in milk and vomit covered clothes.

    • daddownunder

      That’s what Mum’s are for, I hope you were taking notes : ) Sounds like you had waters breaking all over the place (bad dad joke). Thanks for stopping by and sharing

  • losingmylemons

    I asked exactly the same question on my Facebook page a week ago! Spoooooooky!

    I too am a fan of Saturday mornings.

    After a big pile on with the children on our bed alongside a coffee in bed courtesy of Scandiman (Damn I love him for that!) then we head downstairs for a leisurely Danish breakfast.

    Tunes on, coffee on, terrace doors wide open and a table laden with good bread, lovely bits to slap on top of it and fresh coffee… Oh Yeah!

    I have a washing machine, I’m not alowed to use it… if you can find it you can have it :)

    • daddownunder

      I never knew you had a Scandiman, a Danish Scandiman? And do you live in Gran Canaria? If so I’m jealous.

  • Julie

    Justin’s days off are Sundays and Mondays. So our week-end is slightly different. Mondays which so many people dread, I look forward to all week. Because the bulk of the world is at work, we feel cocooned and almost holiday like in our day together.

    • daddownunder

      Family Mondays sound like an excellent opportunity to walk smugly past all the people commuting to work but I’m sure you’re not that mean.

      • Julie

        But I am always a little smug that I am the lucky one who gets to be a stay at home parent.

  • SlapdashMama

    I’m afraid you can’t have our nice new washing machine. But I am looking for a new dryer, ours carked it on a particularly rainy weekend a week or so ago. Perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement?

    • daddownunder

      You wash, I dry – deal!

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    We woke up today to a different kind of water dilemma, no hot water! So it’s off to mums for a shower tomorrow and hopefully the plumber can perform miracles(for a reasonable fee). I can see our tax return dwindling before our eyes :(

    • daddownunder

      Why do these things always happen around tax time, holidays and splurges are replaced by something altogether more mundane. Hope you have something left over for a little splurge