Recipe To Riches – Jerk Sauce and Meat Balls, Man Food

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I was asked a little while back if I wanted to be involved in Recipe 2 Riches, a TV show taking a food recipe from pie in the sky pipedream to the reality of the supermarket shelves. Panic set in, I didn’t have a food product, not one to be deterred by such small details I sat down for an entrepreneurial brain storming session.

What Are The Food Problems in Our House?

Max and his ambivalence towards green food (unless it’s cake icing)

Max’s demands to have tomato sauce with every single meal


After a bit of head scratching, pencil chewing and staring into space I had my Eureka moment! My product was going to be a condiment made from spinach but coloured and flavoured with tomato. I’d call it Daddy’s Special Spinach Sauce and would have me holding a bottle on the bottle! Parents the world over would write me gushing letters thanking me for improving their child’s diet, I’d probably become rich beyond my wildest dreams and a career as a celebrity chef would almost certainly beckon.  Then I read the email a little closer and realised I had missed the point, I was just writing about the show rather than actually starring in it. I’ll have to put the lid on Daddy’s Special Spinach Sauce for now.

The premise for the show is simple, each week three contestants battle it out to have their recipe selected for mass production, the judges the winning product is then available in Woolworths the day after the air shows for an entire week. Then all the weekly winners go into a Grand Final to see who will get a partnership with Woolies, a real game changer for the winner.


This week’s episode was all about man food; big flavours and meaty portions that leave you with some form of sauce splattered around your mouth and your better half looking the other way in disgust. Themis combined two man food staples in pie and Bolognese for his Bolognese Pie, Christina showed a delicate touch with her Nonna’s meatball recipe and South London geezer Bobby made a lip smacking Caribbean Jerk Sauce to smother over ribs.

Themis’s pies failed to rise to the occasion and it seemed only fitting that in this most manly of episodes that Balls were left to slug it out with Sauce.  The recipes were taken to a building site, a known habitat for real men, who seemed genuinely delighted at the prospect of a free feed. Whilst Bobby sang a saucy little ditty to lure in the punters, Christina knew that the way to a man’s stomach is to have a couple of bikini clad beauties serve them their meatballs.

This show is all about believing in the product but also the person behind the product. As soon as Bobby strutted out and started waxed lyrical about his Rude Boy Rib Sauce I warmed to him, he reminded me of mates from home and I found myself rooting for him. If you look up Cockney Cheeky Chappie in the encyclopaedia there beaming back at you would be a picture of Bobby, probably with a rib in hand, a sparkle in his mince pies (eyes) and some sauce around his Chevy Chase (face).  The judges too were charmed by Bobby and his Rude Boy Sauce and he was crowned the roast dinner (winner, I made that one up), he’ll now go on to the Grand Final with a cool $10k in his sky rocket (pocket).

I went to my local Woolies and picked up a packet of the sauce yesterday. I couldn’t resist giving Bobby a little good luck kiss much to the astonishment of a burly security guard who wasn’t quite sure what to make of me and my affection for Bobby.


Caribbean chicken, rice and corn made for a pukka lunch, even the trouble and strife (wife) who is undeniably a woman enjoyed the man food. It’s a cheeky, fruity little number that packs a big punch, I suspect Bobby doesn’t do subtle or understated. I am setting a culinary challenge, next time you’re thinking of having a BBQ and let’s face it you Ozzies are quite partial, why not put a little Caribbean twist on things with a bit of Bob Marley, a boozy bowl of rum punch and some Rude Boy Ribs courtesy of Bobby, who is anything but a jerk.


Have you seen the show? Have you tried any of the products?

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  • Chelsea Sutherland

    1. I love your sponsored posts. The way you write them is so authentic.
    2. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I am soooo sad I missed this weeks but will have to go and get some of the sauce for dinner tonight. My absolute favourite so far though has been that Chilli Con Carne from a few weeks ago. It was sooooo good. My partner does FIFO so as much as I try to make clean & nutritious dinners for one every night, I am partial to a bit of a wander around the frozen section to find dinner from time to time (also known as days 3 – 6 of the 10 day roster). I initially only got it because I couldn’t be bothered cooking that night, and for corn chips & chilli beef & trying not to be fat they had ok calories but I loved it so much I panic bought it over the course of the week and sadly finished my last box a few nights ago. Since then I’ve made it my business to try the winning recipe every week because the quality of the food and realness of the ingredients (taste, texture, being able to identify what’s what) is amazing for something that’s been mass produced. If you served these winning recipes for dinner party guests and didn’t tell them it came from a box they would never know and believe you spent the day slaving away in the kitchen cooking from scratch, the stuff has been that good.

    • Chelsea Sutherland

      Haha aren’t you glad you asked now? Bit of a gush there from me but it was really good Chilli Con Carne.

      • daddownunder

        You’re not the first person to sing it’s praises Chelsea, it was a big hit I think.

    • daddownunder

      I heard the chilli was a bit of a hit, I can’t cheat on Bobby and his sauce now though, I’m emotionally invested ; ) What is FIFO, I’ve seen it referenced before, I’m totally not down with the kids. Thanks so much Chelsea, I definitely try to keep things authentic.

      • Chelsea Sutherland

        Fly in fly out on a rotational roster. Nick’s is 10 days on, 4 days off. Common in mining, or civil construction like he does too :)

  • Tessa White

    Love the show but until now have not purchased anything as not my style of thang.. Mr Rude Boy will be given an innings though as how could I not buy some of that cockney swagger.
    The double finger click with “get in there” had me in stitches.
    Love a true Eastender.. pukka bloke!

    • daddownunder

      I knew you’d appreciative his rude boy swagger Tessa, he’d be good value over a beer I reckon. I can do a mean double finger click too but it seems forced when I do it.

      • Tessa White

        cannot work out the finger click for the life of me.. been trying since the show.. and look like I have cramp and nearly loose a bracelet in the process!

        • daddownunder

          I love that you’ve been practising when nobodies watching

  • Cam

    I love this show! I purchased a box of the chocorns and after consuming the whole box in 30 minutes purchased a few more boxes. Easy concept and consumers understand immediately and they were delicious. Hope you got to try a box or two of those as well

    • daddownunder

      Alas, I missed the Chocorn Cam, but I can’t really see how they could fail to hit the mark, chocolate and popcorn – yes please! It’s an honest show about real people, you’ve got to love that.

    • Tessa White

      I noticed dairy milk have copied him since!!.. saw it yesterday next to the big buttons bags etc

      • daddownunder


      • Cam

        Really? I must find it!! Been having withdrawals since. I wondering about the copyright issues with a show like that. What stops someone else from taking their idea, tweaking it slightly, calling it something else and claiming it’s their great idea/recipe.

  • Smaggle

    How exciting is it going into the shop to buy the stuff? I’m such a school girl shrieking every Wednesday morning.

  • KezUnprepared

    I’m terrible. I don’t watch the show at all, but each week I do have a bit of a squiz to see what’s new on the shelves!! I guess it works for Woolies though, because I have bought quite a few of the products! My favourite so far was the pizza making kits. Pre-made pizza dough and a yummy sauce – they turn out SO good and you can pick your own toppings! It’s SO quick to make, but it’s just like home made :)

  • Tará O’Sullivan

    I pretty much fell in love with the taste of the Rude Boy Rib Sauce before I turned the TV off. It’s the only product from the show that I *had* to try.

    While ribs are great, I’ve plopped it on some veal cutlets. And it’s awesome. I can’t wait to have it on some venison and chicken/rice, too. I’m such a fan and I hope it stays on the shelf.

    • daddownunder

      Sounds like I’ve got some competition : ) It’s seriously good with chicken Tara, I think smothered over pulled pork would work really well too

      • Tará O’Sullivan

        Oh, no competition at all. I didn’t go and hug the sign with a camera present, so I think you take the cake on that one. lol

        I really hope he wins…and then this stuff follows me back home to America next year.

    • Alice Newson

      So glad you loved the sauce!!! If you haven’t already… please like and leave a comment/picture on Bobby’s facebook page. :)

      • Tará O’Sullivan

        Would gladly… if I didn’t get rid of my Facebook earlier on in the year. 😉 I’m going to forward the page to some folk back home, though, so thanks for that!

  • Veggie Mama

    I get a bit eye-twitchy about “man food”, especially with the focus on meat. My husband hasn’t eaten a bite of it in seven years, and he hasn’t turned into a woman yet! However I was pleased to see the sauce didn’t have any meaty ingredients in it, so we can put it on some effeminate hippy food and enjoy the shit out of it! I love a cheeky Cockney bloke, he can come to my BBQ. So can you! My husband will arm-wrestle you 😉 xo

    • daddownunder

      I am sorry to make your eye twitch Stace, in my defence (a concept usually lost on my wife) man food was the shows term rather than mine. I would love to arm wrestle your husband although if he’s been eating vegetables for that long I would hate to injure him in any way *jokes, I’ve seen pics of your hubby he’d definitely beat me, although being a leftie I might back myself to make it 1-1