Dear 2013

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Dear 2013,

There was an awful lot to like about you and in fact you flirted with being sensational.  You ushered me towards a job that I truly love to do and for that I am eternally grateful. Other years have had me hiding out in photocopying rooms and pining for the sanctuary of the weekend but not you. You also lavished me with dad time and under your watch I learnt all the words to the Thomas the Tank Engine song and several new nursery rhymes.

You kept the bubble that surrounds our little family intact, and with the exception of the time I dyed all of Mrs Under’s whites pink, there’s a whole lot of love in that bubble. Aside from a particularly persistent cold you deliver me to 2014 in good health and for that I truly thank you. As we part company you also have my beloved Arsenal Football Club sitting pretty at the top of the league for the first time in many years. You did throw one or two curve balls though didn’t you 2013, just to keep me on my toes and did you really need to sprinkle grey bits in my hair (you bastard)?

You taught me some valuable lessons too. You made me acknowledge that I need to look after myself as well as others, that a little bit of selfishness here and there is no bad thing. You gave me a kick up the backside and made me promise not to take the things I’ve been given for granted and to Carpe Diem the hell out of life. You also taught me that if I am going to strut around the house naked I should make sure all the blinds are firmly shut.

It’s certainly been emotional 2013 and I wouldn’t change a thing about you but in truth I’m already winking and making come hither eyes at 2014. I’m excited to get to know 2014, I think she has the potential to be an excellent vintage.  2014 feels like a year of opportunity and change, a year where anything could happen in the fields of family, work and home. I’m looking forward to enjoying fun and frolics with you very soon, I may turn up hung over so please break me in gently.

Farewell 2013 it’s been emotional,

Dad Down Under


P.S. thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing and generally making my little space that bit better, I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without you. In all the time I’ve been answering to Dad Down Under I’ve never thought to ask what you might like, inconsiderate swine that I am, so give it to me both barrels; what do you like, what don’t you like and what else could I do?

How did your 2013 shape up and how’s 2014 looking?

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  • Sarahdipity

    2013- not exactly the year I thought it would be…good thing there’s always a new year straight after to give it another go!
    Oh and in response to the P.S- don’t go changing, we read because we like everything just the way it is :-)

    • daddownunder

      2014 is going to be your year Sarah, I can feel it in my bones : ) thanks for the p.p.s

  • KezUnprepared

    I am so glad to have discovered your blog this year. Thank you for sharing your life with the world. I wouldn’t ask you to change a single thing. Your blog is perfection – keep being you!
    My 2013 has ended with stress and hurt, but overall it has been about growth. I feel so optimistic about 2014 now because I feel like we did all the hard growth this year. I am also really excited to start using my new diary from Typo because I am a stationery nerd. I think 2014 should bring travel, self care and inner peace, and fun. And if we get thrown some stressful curveballs (because that’s life, right?) then I feel like I can take it. I’m stronger than I was a year ago. Bring it, 2014!!! :)

    • daddownunder

      Love your resolve Kez, sorry to hear things were tough last year but my gosh you sound like you have some strength right now. A massive thank you to you for your kind words and for always being here with a kind comment or two.

  • Mrs Woog

    You are a champ Matt. I hope my sons turn out to be a mix of you, their Dad, Rowan Atkinson and Bono xx

    • daddownunder

      Why thank you – that’s some illustrious company Mrs Woog, what’s Bono bringing to the table though?

  • Richard Farrar

    Well done Matt and Happy New Year; the year will have turned by now Down Under. We’ve another 11 hours to wait for the turn of the year.
    Keep on being positive and enjoying each of the challenges and fun moments that you are presented with. I love reading your Blog and am glad that your Mum told me about it. Well done.
    Happy and Prosperous New Year for Anna, Max and You.

  • Julie

    Thanks for being the daggy Dad that we can all love and admire! What do I like? Your honestly and your take on the world.

    • daddownunder

      Daggy?? I don’t know what you mean ; ) Thanks Julie, I think honesty might be one of the qualities that you score high on too – love having you hear and hearing all about your little brood too.

  • Kathy

    Have a great 2014 Matt – I’m thinking it will be a better year than last, but trying to start from a point of gratitude for all I have – the only place to start really.

    • daddownunder

      I hope it works out that way Kathy, it does seem like the right time to press the reset button and get things on the right track

  • Emily Callaghan

    Happy New Year Matt, wishing you and your beautiful brood a fantastic 2014. Thank you for making me laugh out loud so much last year. Cheers Em

    • daddownunder

      Same to you and yours Mrs C. Love having you around the place

  • Zanni Louise

    Happy New year Matt!

    • daddownunder

      You too Zanni, big one for you, Mrs Author : )

      • Zanni Louise

        Thanks :) I will feel more like Mrs Author in 2015 I think when I actually see the book!