Caf-fiend or Caf-friend?

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There are two types of coffee drinker, Caf-friends and Caf-fiends. Caf-friends enjoy the ritual of making a cup of coffee in the morning, they delight in the aroma and appreciate the flavour and when they’re done they happily go about their business. Caf-fiends would ideally take their coffee intravenously, they are not happy campers until they are functioning in a state of caffeine induced jitteriness, drinking vessels tend to be on the jumbo side of things and are skulled with impressive efficiency.


My wife is a self confessed, fully paid up member of the Caf-fiend Club. I tend to hide myself away in the morning until I hear the coffee machine whir into action and I know it’s safe to come out. Holidays only really start once it’s been established that there is a ready supply of coffee and we both did it tough for nine months of decaffeinated torture whilst Max was cooking. Whilst some people will view an onsite gym or car parking as an employee perk, Anna was wooed by the all singing all dancing coffee machine in her workplace.


I could tell something was wrong; the short answers, the lingering glare – was it our anniversary, had I not unpacked the dishwasher correctly, had I lost Max? It turned out that the work coffee machine had buckled under the strain of an office full of dependants. The coffee machine is the hub of the office, a place where gossip is exchanged, politics are tended to and of course cravings are cured.


Partly because I am a giving husband who wants nothing more than to make his wife happy and partly because she was starting to scare me I thought I’d surprise my lovely wife and her colleagues. Like a knight in shining armour, only in this case a Dad in a baggy t-shirt, I unplugged our Caffitaly coffee machine and marched all the way to her office, actually I got the tram it’s much easier than marching.

It’s hard not to look a little bit crazy when you walk into your wife’s workplace unannounced carrying a coffee machine under your arm but I did and by golly did I rack up some serious husband points. I could hear the whispers, I couldn’t make out what they were saying but in my head it was something like “Is that your husband? He is so kind and thoughtful”. They were probably saying “why does your husband have a coffee machine under his arm?”


Normality has resumed. I am no longer fear for my safety in my own house, Anna’s colleagues all think I’m a catch and I’ve got some karma points in the bag. The only slight snag is that I’m missing my morning coffee and am showing worrying signs of going from Caf-friend to Caf-fiend.

If you don’t have a pod coffee machine, I highly recommend the Caffitaly. It’s small, low maintenance and makes an excellent coffee, just like my son. Caffitaly coffee machines are available from Woolworths. If you’d like the chance to win one of two Caffitaly machines, just answer this question…

Tell me why you’re either a Caf-fiend or a Caf-friend?

Terms and Conditions

1. This giveaway is :  Dad Down Under and Woolworths

2. To enter the entrant must comment in the comments section.

3. Tell me why you’re either a Caf-fiend or a Caf-friend

4. This competition is open to Australian entrants over 14 years of age.

5. This competition is hosted by,

6. The prize for this competition is 1 of 2 Caffitaly coffee machines.

7. Competition opens 07.1.14 & closes midnight 14.01.14

8. This competition is a game of skill and the winner will be based on the most interesting comment as judged by and notified by email.

9. Winner must reply to the winner notification and accept the prize within 3 days and state their preferred address for the prize to be shipped to.  Failure to respond within 3 days will forfeit the prize.

10. Information on how to enter and prize details form part of these conditions. Entry into this giveaway is acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry.

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  • Kaela5

    Oh, you’re defintely in the ‘keeper’ category.

    I am in the ‘take it or leave it’ group being quite happy with water if I have to make the coffee myself….oooh, that might be the ‘too lazy’ group. Oops. :o)

    • daddownunder

      I’m going to have to change my theory; Caf-fiend, Caf-friend or Caf-uh for you Kaela.

    • daddownunder

      Just added a giveaway Kaela if you wanted to enter, didn’t want you to miss out

      • Kaela5

        I’m a Caf-friend. I love really good coffee…aromatic and flavourful…the kind that makes you want to sit back in a big overstuffed armchair and jsut savour it. However, I dont make very good coffee, so at home I dont make it a lot, but I am a frequent visitor at boutique coffee shops.

  • Jovena Watson

    I’m a Caf-friend. Luckily we live in the best state for coffee culture – Melbourne. I can’t make drinkable coffee at home plus there’s no fancy pants coffee machine but i’m a mess without it. All my $$ spent out & about…maybe I could drink it at home with this super machine?

    • daddownunder

      Hope I can help you stop spending all the $’s Jovena, I can completely relate.

  • Neets

    And the husband of the year award goes to…:)

    I am definitely a caf-fiend! If I could take it intravenously, if I could. I once took a week off work due to severe migraines! Turned out it was the one week in my life that I gave up coffee. The doctor said I was having caffeine withdrawals & happily wrote me a note of absence.

    • daddownunder

      A perk of being a caf-fiend Neets time off work, I’d better not tell Anna

  • Tessa White

    I am a ca-friend but your post has brought out the fiend in me and I am now in desperate need of some aromas and warm cup with some loving nectar inside.. wow I think I just made my coffee making skills sound a bit sexy!

    • daddownunder

      It was the ‘loving nectar inside’ bit that did it. I think you may be a closet fiend.

  • KezUnprepared

    I am a caf-acquaintance and usually when I say I’m going to meet someone for coffee, that’s my code for a freshly squeezed juice. I’ve probably lost you, but if I haven’t hear me out – My HUSBAND on the other hand…total caffiend. I have watched him drool at coffee machines in catalogues, I have seen him secretly critique each coffee he has ever consumed. I have watched him drive KILOMETRES out of his way for a quality coffee and he has probably spent a good deal of his personal budget (we all have one in this family) on coffee made by baristas. We have never been able to afford a machine and usually I’m all like, “In your dreams buddy”, but it would be pretty cool to win him one and be all like, SURPRISE!! :)

    • daddownunder

      That is an excellent answer Kez, he sounds like he ‘needs’ one

  • Julie

    Never became a ‘big’ girl and started drinking coffee so I do not understand the fuss.However… Justin on the other hand was having a love affair with the coffee machine at his old work. Problem is the relationship is now over now that he works from home, so she is giving her favours to others. Justin is now lost and forlorn looking for his next coffee lover. He tried boiling the kettle and making the dreaded instant but it just did not add up to his lost lovers skills. Please provide Justin with a new (at home) love affair.

    • daddownunder

      how very ‘modern’ of you to allow this sort of open relationship. Love this answer Julie

  • Richard Farrar

    Well done Matt. I suspect that you don’t know what you have set in motion but I hope that the rewards are commensurate with your kindness.

  • Noelene

    I am caf fiend for sure .i took my gorgeous husband on christmas morning for a walk on the beach how romantic ,quality time together ,oh the serenity then at the end a quick diversion through town so I could get a coffee to sustain me through out the day .He did mention was the walk for him or the coffee but it was all him of course .;)

    • daddownunder

      Of course Noelene, of course. I think I’ve been taken on some romantic walks via a coffee shop in my time too.

    • daddownunder

      Hey Noelene, get in touch at – you won!

  • Smaggle

    I’m a huge caf-fiend. A giant one in fact. I even seek it out in diet soft drinks and tea… I’m terrible. Please discount this an entry though because a) I already have a caffitaly and b) It would be SUPER dodgy if I won this. xxx

    • daddownunder

      You are a fiend Smaggle, in the nicest possible way

  • Chelsea Sutherland

    I think I’m going to have to claim caf-fiend, but my first swig needs to be cold. I’m grown up enough to try to have jugs of iced tea or coffee in the fridge because I know now diet coke is not a breakfast food. I get super friendly afterwards though as that first swig is usually at some ungodly hour when my partner’s working at home because I always get up to make his coffee & breakfast and pack his lunch for him so we can start the day together. I’m just not nice about it until my own caffeine levels have been adjusted. When he’s working away though and I don’t have to be human until I’m ready, I’m a caf-friend.

    • daddownunder

      Good answer Chelesea, bonus points for getting up at some ungodly hour to look after your good man, I don’t think you need to be nice about it, beggars can’t be choosers

  • daddownunder

    Such a cliché but it was so hard to pick a winner – after lots of deliberating well done @disqus_E3E9SqPRuY:disqus and @IliskaDreams:disqus . Hope you and yours enjoy