10 Healthy Ingredients For You and Your Family

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January can come as quite a shock to the system, we spend much of December consuming everything we can get our hands on and suddenly we’re expected to live like saints. I’m always quite relieved to say goodbye to January and all of its promises and make some choices in February that might actually stand the test of time.

As ‘Head Chef’ I’m making a huge effort to feed the family lots of healthy, tasty, simple foods this year. These days feeling healthy and full of energy is a priority, I need some dietary assistance to keep up with Max. Here are 10 healthy ingredients that I’ll be filling my trolley with in 2014 and some tips on how you can use them.


Good For – High in fibre and rich in magnesium

Recipe – Healthy flapjacks crammed full of seeds, dried fruit and nuts. Perfect for a mid-morning pick me up



Good For – Contains more protein than milk or nuts. Also boosts energy and brain function

Recipe – Mix with yoghurt, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice for a quick and tasty salad dressing


Good For – A rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C

Recipe – No need to mess with them just pop them straight in


Natural Yoghurt

Good For – Full of protein and the famous ’friendly bacteria’ which works wonders for the digestive system

Recipe – Blitz with berries and honey and freeze for a healthy treat you can call ice cream.


Good For – Contains cholesterol-lowering fibre and lean protein.

Recipe – Make a big pot of mild Dahl freezing any leftovers or thicken with mashed sweet potato and breadcrumbs for Dahl Burgers


Frozen Peas

Good For – A great source of bone-building vitamin K and vitamin C which supports your immune system

Recipe – Replace avocado with pea to make a vibrant guacamole, stir through pasta or dip until your belly’s content


Good For – Everything it seems. Contains high levels of iron and Vitamin C it’s also a low-calorie, low-carb source of protein that’s packed with fibre

Recipe – Use it in stir fry’s in place of Asian greens or roast with salt and pepper for a healthy snack



Good For – A great balance of amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

Recipe – Marinade firm tofu in honey, soy sauce and ginger to pimp your noodle salad


Good For – high in fibre, vitamin E. and is said to lower cholesterol

Recipe – Use in place of rice to make a quick and healthy risotto


Sweet potatoes

Good For – Ranks among the highest vegetables nutritionally

Recipe – Satisfy your child’s (or your own) craving for chips by roasting in a little olive oil

Each recipe suggestion and ingredient has been enjoyed as a family around the dinner table. Which healthy ingredients always find their way into your trolley?

All of the ingredients are stocked by Woolworths and most are part of their Macro Organic Range.

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  • http://fitmotherhubbard.com/ Neets

    Look at you Mr Superfoods. Great list. Haven’t made dahl soup for years. May just make it tonight. I know how good Kale is for you – we just can’t seem to make friends & I’ve tried it so many different ways. :)

    • daddownunder

      As far as nicknames go Neets, I quite like that one : ) Have you tried having them as kale chips? I think it’s great in stir fries with oyster sauce or if you don’t like the curly kale you might prefer the Italian stuff Cavolo Nero

      • http://fitmotherhubbard.com/ Neets

        Yep it’s the kale chips I dislike the most. Didn’t realise you could get different types :)

  • http://soniastyling.com/ Sonia from Sonia Styling

    I love the humble little pea! I quite like a pea mash served with salmon, oven roasted cherry tomatoes and drizzled with a tiny bit of balsamic glaze. Totally digging blueberries as a mid-afternoon pick me up snack.

    • daddownunder

      Oohh that sounds delicious Sonia and of course healthy. Our freezer is never without blueberries, a quick rinse under warm water and they’re ready to go

  • Aunty Mary

    Aunty Mary – Hi Mr Superfood… baked sweet potato with coriander, lime, chili and garlic butter, heaven on a plate, even better served with a green bean halo. I know this bit isn’t related but my mum is in St Kilda on Friday! If you’re around she would love to see you, Anna, Max…all? You can call her on +61 0499228778 Lots of love!!

    • daddownunder

      Definitely Aunty Mary, that makes you sound so quaint. Would be great to catch up with Mama Goodwin, have I actually met her?

  • http://dadsthewayilikeit.wordpress.com/ Jonathan Ervine

    So true about blueberries, both our and I love them. I really like them with Greek yoghurt and pumpkin seeds and our soon loves just stuffing them into his mouth one after another.

    • daddownunder

      They are natures little sweeties, without the sugar rush Jonathan