The Joys of House Hunting

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Something’s not quite right when you start to feel nauseous that it’s nearly the weekend. The past few have been spent in a car with a map, hunting for the elusive dream home. Our net has been cast far and wide, it’s a trawler net, not one of those sustainable ones that lets unsuitable fish fit through, we’re catching everything. Last Saturday we set off at 9am and returned at 8pm; stupid big net.

Rather than search for properties that falls within our location and budget I have an involuntary reflex that automatically enters unsuitable locations and a figure that is substantially beyond our upper limit, just in case the owners have a kind heart and see no real value in financial gain.

Rather than set up a search on that well known real estate website and patiently wait for an email to alert me of a new property, I will visit said site approximately 20 times each day. This also means having to decipher ‘estate agent’ speak and there seems to be some recurring themes. This morning I saw a property that simply had the headline “Provence?” in reference to the beautiful French region and style, what this property had was a photo of an outside table and chair with a bottle of wine and a baguette on it.


Other favourites include;

This one’s got it all – it has a roof, four walls and a floor

Real quirky character – Whoever decorated this property was clearly on drugs

Neat as a pin – its only redeemable feature is that it’s been cleaned

Room for improvement – you might as well knock it down and start again.

There was actually an Estate Agent in England who gathered notoriety for taking honesty to the extreme and described one house as having; “All the charm and poise of a vicar on crack. Suit midget on a budget.” It would certainly make the process of house hunting more entertaining.

I remember house hunting pre-kids being quite a leisurely process, measuring up rooms and ‘debating’ where I’d put my X-Box. These days I spend the entire viewing trying to restrain Max from jumping on the beds, using the toilet, stealing food and generally making himself at home in someone else’s.


House hunting is beginning to feel a bit like an exercise in self harm for someone too squeamish to deal with the sight of blood. I suspect this is just the calm before the paperwork, removalist and renovation storm that’s on its way. The hunt goes on.

How is house hunting for you? Are you currently searching?

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  • KezUnprepared

    I generally find the hunting part quite stressful, but there’s nothing sweeter than finding The One. Good luck and I hope you find The One soon!

  • Maxabella

    Oh I remember it well – it starts out so exciting and gets awful mundane awful quick. If it’s any consolation, once you’ve found it and you’re in, you will miss roaming around random houses. Just the other weekend I found myself visiting house inspections for the fun of it. There is hope! Good luck! This weekend is IT, buddy! x

  • Sus

    We’re currently hunting too and I’m getting very over it. Not helped by the fact that where we are looking is 45 mins from where we live so, like you, any weekend inspections turn into a full and long day out. We also missed out on the most perfect perfect place by a whisker and I’m having trouble getting over it! Nothing else I see measures up to that one. So the hunt continues.

  • Liz @ I Spy Plum Pie

    Oh this is all too familiar for me! I bought my first apartment late last year and spent every Saturday for months going to OFIs. Luckily I had a firm idea of the area I wanted, but it still required lots of trapsing around! I don’t even have a car, so I had to rely on my bf or more parents to come along with me otherwise there was no way I could get to them all! Such a draining experience, but worth it when you find what you want I guess! Good luck!

  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    My two cents worth, as long as the house is safe don’t worry about what each room has or hasn’t got. Spend time looking at your future neighbourhood, environment, landscape and the things your area has to offer! It’s not often we spend ALL day in our house, but we walk in and around the suburb/town we live in. Good luck :)

  • Jonathan Ervine

    We’re currently searching for a house as well as we’re after somewhere a bit bigger since we became parents just under a year ago. Sixteen properties viewed so far and not quite found one that’s right yet… Good luck with your property search!

  • Cam

    Friends have taken months to find their homes usually taking breaks from looking in between. It is fun to dream and visit other homes that it way over your budget and talk yourselves into maybe we could afford it … if they bring the price down by 100K, we both work two jobs and the kids are home schooled. Good luck and keep us up to date or at least entertained, this post had my giggling.

  • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

    And not forgetting the “renovators delight” which can only mean one thing! I spent 6 months of driving and map hunting to find the house Iv now been living in for 5 years. Pulling into the driveway my partner said “Who the beep would live here” well turns out we do! Im not sure if we were just over the 6 months of driving especially on that particularly wet and cold day, we were over trying to find the perfect home and ended up with a renovator. Good times!