Getting Out of the Fast Lane

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Life would work better with a remote control; so you can pause for breath occasionally, rewind the good bits and fast forward the bad. Last month I jabbed furiously at the pause button, I felt like I was living life in fast forward. Trying to do too much and not doing anything particularly well, something about men and multi-tasking perhaps?

We went to the zoo yesterday; it was the first time we got to see the lions. We don’t normally get that far because I’m ferrying us round the enclosures at break neck speed and zooming home so I can get The Boy to bed and put my Dad Down Under hat on. I’ve decided to take my foot off the gas, engage cruise control and see more lions.

The last month’s been good; I’ve been reading books instead of tweets, enjoying excessively long baths instead of brisk showers and foregoing takeaway coffee cups in favour of a chair and a chat. If I could make a foodie metaphor, just because I like food and metaphors really, it’s been a lovingly prepared risotto rather than a throw everything in and hope for the best stir fry. We’re all wired differently, some people like life fast and furious I prefer a gentle amble.

Increasingly it feels like you have to consciously choose to slow down, if you don’t make that choice you get swept up with the rest. People often tell me how lucky I am to be a Stay at Home Dad, how they wish that they could be doing the same thing. For the next couple of years I’m going to make the most of it, my ambitions stretch no further than enjoying being Dad. There’s plenty of time for the fast lane after that.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a sunny spot under a tree to claim as my own, I’m going to go and stare at clouds for a while.


Do you ever find yourself wanting to get out of the fast lane?

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  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Love that you’re taking a break Matt, we all need to do this so we remain engaged in our lives. I’m trying to do more of this. Not succeeding yet but a writer’s got to write. x

  • Alison – Talking Frankly

    There’s a quote I can’t remember here… but it basically endorses what you said above, but with the added gravity of somebody famous having said it. That. Enjoy the time out. x

  • Vicki | Style On V

    Enjoy the time out. It is important and refreshing to make time for you and enjoy the little things in life.

  • Vicky Finch

    Good for recognising that you needed to hit the hand brake, before it was decided for you. Stopping and smelling the roses, or seeing more lions is highly under rated. Take care you and yours first and foremost. The rest takes care of itself xx

  • Mrs Holsby

    I hear you, my friend. So busy writing about life that I’m missing some good living. Balance is the key and it sounds like you’re sorting out your scales right now. Perfect choice….. and it’ll make us hang on your every word when you do write!

  • Tessa White

    Time out is the most important thing…. EVER..

  • Lynda M O

    We made the choice too and now we work from home taking care of our friends’ youngsters. From Bobbleheads to Tweens we love them, rear them, teach them all we know. At a pace that rivals grass growing and paint drying. And we adore the lifestyle. The Pay is low but the kisses are sloppily loving.

  • Reen

    Good on you for taking out time to stop and smell the roses. It’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of everyday life and the pressures we place on ourselves, but these early years are so important and before we know it, our little ones aren’t so little anymore. I have missed your blog posts but completely understand the need to live life in the slow lane. Enjoy :-)

  • BabyMacBlogBeth

    Good on you Matt x

  • KezUnprepared

    Good on you – I think more of us need to take a page out of your book. I ALWAYS want to take time out when things get too hectic. I’ve been feeling the need lately. I’ve managed to do little things like check Facebook less and say no to things that will drain me. I’ve even tried meditation! Got a way to go but you’re so doing the right thing even if we miss your bloggings!

  • Erin Cunningham

    Shoes off and music on is living the dream for me :)

  • Annaleis Topham

    Enjoy the slow down :)

  • ClaireyHewitt

    When you take a good break and fill the day with all the other good things, it can be hard to go back to a device to type out some words. I quite like all the lions.

  • Jonathan Ervine

    I think it’s great to find time for reading books as opposed to spending time on social media. It’s something that I’ve been trying hard to do recently.

  • Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    What a great place to be. I too get swept up with the million miles an hour club and eventually everything starts undoing at the seams. I have to remind myself to breath and just be contented with where I am at. A stay at home Mum – I need to do this job well.
    I recently read a post in which a Mum pointed out that after the first five years children don’t need you ever again quite the same. I find that profoundly sad but it was also a sobering reminder that I won’t get this chance ever again and I must soak it up whilst I have it. Time doesn’t apologise. Enjoy that nice sunny spot under the tree :)

  • seventiesbaby

    Good work Matt. Love that photo! Sometimes I wish for the fast lane. Instead, I feel like I accidentally got sandwiched in the bus lane. Stopping and starting and swearing and never getting out of third gear. Which puts a strain on the engine and uses far too much petrol…

  • Deb – An Inspirational Journey

    Sounds perfect and I agree with every single word! :)

  • Kathy

    You look very relaxed and I’m so with you on the slow antidote to all of life’s busyness. Breathing deeply, one day into Easter break.

  • Chris

    Would love to get out of the fast lane…and into a fast open space! (excuse the pun)

  • Smaggle

    I’m getting much better since going on a detox in Bali. I get up early, I meditate and I don’t work until 1am in the morning like I used to. Feeling so much better!

  • Kat – The Organised Housewife

    Such good advice, and you look like you’re enjoying it.

  • Joy Adan – The Mama Minute

    Ever since I went back to paid full-time work I feel like the days go by at double-speed – but without the hilarity of hearing everyone speaking in high-pitched voices. Today I took a day off and spent a few minutes sitting in the sun in the middle of Hyde Park, before losing myself for two hours inside a book store. It was amazing. Would’ve been far better with lions though. *awesome post*

  • Deb

    Well said, enjoy being a dad and enjoy life, take it in and experience it don’t just sail through it.

  • Guest

    Wait until you’ve got 2 more mate, it’s a permanent Fat Lane!
    Enjoy chilling, while you can ;)

  • FastLaneDad

    Just wait until you’ve got 2 more mate, it’s a permanent Fast Lane!
    Enjoy chilling B)