The Male Underwear Model Who Came To Stay

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I have a vague notion of what Anna does for a job, I know she works in advertising and I know she sounds very professional and a little bit scary when she puts on her ‘work voice’ but I couldn’t really give you specifics.

I’ve heard talk of retouching images, essentially photo-shopping models to make them look even more perfect. It’s a bit like when you rent a car from a hire company and they walk around with a clipboard marking scratches and dents, she finds the scratches and dents on the models and fixes them up, a comparison which Anna isn’t entirely happy with.

Recently works been quite hectic for Anna and she’s been bringing bits and pieces home with her. That’s when he first turned up, this other man. Not just any man but a man who looks like he’s been painstakingly chiselled from granite, parades around in nothing but a pair of briefs, a smug grin and has been blessed with a disproportionately large endowment. He’s always around, always demanding her attention and getting in the way. Hate’s a strong word but I hate him passionately.

He’s an underwear model, that’s right my wife spends hours and hours staring at male underwear models and “retouching” them. I don’t like the expression “retouching” it sounds too much like touching, virtual or otherwise. I’ve also noticed she has a certain twinkle in her eye when she’s with him, I’ve seen that twinkle before, it’s the same one she had when she watched Patrick from Offspring.  I even did some sit ups and bought the same undies in a bid to divert her attention, but it was no use, she just asked why I was breathing in?

Last night she came home looking like she needed a stiff drink. “What’s wrong hun?” She explained that the company had lost a client, one of the clients that she had been working on, the underwear client. “Oh no that’s terrible news. I know how much you were enjoying the work”. Those are the words that came out of my disingenuous mouth, what I was really thinking was does that mean I won’t be forced to count his abdominal muscles and wonder whether he has stuffed his sparkling undies with socks each night?

I like it better when it’s just us two.



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  • Shari

    What do you mean matching undies – what do men match their undies to?

  • Noelene

    What’s at home is always better than any old photograph !!!

  • Sonia from Sonia Styling

    Bet you’re glad to see the arse end of those guys, so to speak…

  • Aroha @ Colours of Sunset

    But you get to look at mummy bloggers all day, what’s the issue? Fairs Fair! hahaha :-)

  • Barbie Bieber Beyond

    hahaha, Mrs Down Under has an awesome job!!! “retouching” *giggles*

  • Carly Findlay

    Love this.

  • Julie

    Seems Justin has the equivalent job as Anna, I swear he has seen, photographed, and retouched more naked women than a breast surgeon. What’s worse is he will actually have the live thing here in our house. So I to walk around pretending not to care there are stunningly near naked women in my house.

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    Look at you two, a gorgeous pair.
    You’re safe until the next undie clad model comes to stay 😉