My name is Matt Ross and I am a stay at home parent and daddy blogger. I have two children, one is The Boy who insists on following me everywhere and has a hankering for diggers and biccies, the other is this blog, don’t ask me to choose a favourite a parent never tells. Mrs Under plays the role of photographer, proof reader, bread winner and beautiful wife and she does them all very well. I come from England, which begrudgingly makes me a ‘Whinging Pom‘, and came to Melbourne in search of sun, sea and sport. I have since come over all snobby about bikes, coffee and food which pretty much makes me a regular Melbournite. Australia is now our home and a very nice one it is too.

I blog because I love to write, not the love you declare when your fifteen, in a park and drunk on cider, real true love. There was a whole other me before parenthood and there is a whole other me now. Prior to proudly wearing the Stay at Home Parent label I had a lovely shiny Modern Man label, I love that label and don’t want to give it up, so as well as writing about parenting from a Stay at Home Dad’s perspective I write about food, fitness, fashion and travel with little people around. I am the Dad who insists on having his cake and eating it……I really like cake.

I hereby promise to write regular posts, neglecting my fatherly duties in favour of writing how amazing it is to be a father. I will try to make sure they are relevant and free of tedium. I will refrain from all manner of preaching or teaching in favour of light hearted observations. What I want in return is for other parents to visit this Blog and feel compelled to share their stories and love for their own children. Mums please use the blog as an opportunity to get into the inner sanctum of the male psyche and join us on our journey through Dadhood, alternatively you can have a good laugh at how pathetic we are.

  • peita b

    i look forward to hearing more from you, i will even pass this onto my husband. we have twins that are 7 months old and a little humour goes a long way on some day!!

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      I’m hearing you Peita, loud and clear

  • http://melbournemum.com Melbourne Mum

    Wow, 3 hours sleep. Didn’t get past that phrase easily. I am showing this blog to my Husband, Matt. In fact, nearly every other dad we know is a Matt (makes it easy when we’ve forgotten a dad’s name – we just call him Matt and hope for the best). My Matt’s always banging on about starting a Dad Blog. This one’s a ripper – love your work, Dad Down Under!

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      Thanks Melbourne Mum, always nice to get some good feedbaack. I’m yet to use the phrase “ripper” but I may try and shoe horn it into a conversation tomorrow – “these swings sure are ripper”?

  • http://gravatar.com/ramblingsfromamum ramblingsfromamum

    Ripper = Beauty Mate = Bonza so I am sure bonza swings would work , don’t know however about beauty mate swings..Melbourne mum your thoughts? So enjoying your work daddownunder, try not to neglect your fatherly duties too much though ;-)

  • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

    Haha, don’t worry about that, he is severely doted upon. Blogging is confined to the golden 3 hours a day that he sleeps.

  • http://www.katie-ellen26.blogspot.com.au Katie-Ellen

    Love your writing, very funny. look forward to reading more!

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      Thanks very much, glad you enjoy it

  • http://lifewith3under3.blogspot.com.au/ Eliza

    as a Mum of 3, I totally get where you’re coming from in many of your posts and look forward to seeing Max grow and you continue to enjoy being a Dad – a hangover with a toddler?? pass, not for me either!

  • http://thethingsidtellyou.wordpress.com melissa4444

    Great to see another Dad Blog. I wish there were more. Have you ‘met’ Tork yet? He has a blog at http://torkona.blogspot.com.au/ He’s a great guy too.

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      Hey Melissa, yeah there really isn’t many dad blogs is there? I haven’t met Tork but I have seen his name dropped a few times, will have to say hi to me. Thanks for dropping in.

  • Theresa

    Just saying Hi from Babymac’s referral :)
    From a stay at home mum to a stay at home dad it’s just awesome to be lucky enough to be doing the infinitely rewarding job, albeit unpaid in money, but then how can you measure the fun & pace we lead in this gig!?
    Go well,
    Theresa, QLD mum of a 5 & 6 yr old & proudly still ‘a Mum’ :)

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      Hi Theresa, thanks for dropping by. I could not imagine doing anythnge else, I love it. keep up the good work

  • kaela

    Hey Matt,
    Reading you is a feel good part of my day. Never stop.
    Though no longer the mum of a little one, i am the ‘oma of two, one of whom is living with me in China. Its a bit like riding a bike in some ways and in others it is like charting new territory each day.
    Thanks for your blog….I love it.

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      Wow, thats very kind of you Kaela, comments like tha tmake me want to keep writing.

  • http://Callmepicky.blogspot.com.au Terri Ioannou

    Nice one! You’re the first dady blogger I’ve come across. It will be interesting for me to see this world of small child parenting through your eyes.

  • http://littlepoppits.wordpress.com little poppits

    love your post over at kate says stuff! I’m a running mumma and am loving it so far, even though I keep falling over! x

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      Thanks mummy Poppit, how good is it? Keep on being a running mumma its good for mind, body and soul. Thanks for saying hi!

      • http://littlepoppits.wordpress.com little poppits

        thank you I will, got a half marathon booked for october!!! x

  • http://www.facebook.com/fiona.sermon Fiona Sermon

    Hey Matt, we met in the park on Saturday, our boys played hide and seek. Thought I’d check out your blog as I’m always on the look out for interesting parenting stuff. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far!

    • http://daddownunder.wordpress.com daddownunder

      Thanks Fiona, lovely to meet you and glad you enjoy it

  • Cloudy Wishes

    never never knock a man prepared to exibit or write about his feelings, for i my eyes he is a true man. worthy of my love and admiration. maybe not the love bit….

    • daddownunder

      Hi praise indeed, with or without the love, thank you so much