From Mud –With an impressive track record in killing plants, I seem an unlikely candidate to have a bountiful allotment. It never ceases to amaze me how much food that finds its way into Max’s eager mouth has been grown in my very own humble veggie patch with my not particularly green fingers. All of my recipes will therefore feature a core ingredient grown by my own fair hands as the star of a delicious show. This means big ticks for the seasonal, healthy, sustainable and tasty boxes, them there are some good boxes to have ticks in.

To Mouth – Good food never lets you down. Jump on board as I celebrate my love of all things food and showcase some of the delicious, healthy meals that I provide for my son. I am proud of the varied and imaginative diet that Max enjoys and want to show how easy it can be, eating your child’s leftovers has never tasted so good. With this in mind I will serve up regular culinary offerings, it may be a recipe, a food trend, a review or a foodie day out. Recipes will offer two or three alternative ingredient combinations to suit your child and plenty of room for manoeuvre, half the fun of cooking is bastardising perfectly good recipes to suit your own tastes.